"I wanted to send you ladies a short note to let you know how much appreciated you and SEW. When we had the last meeting I really did not appreciate how much my life had changed. To be honest, nothing on the outside has changed. I have the same job, the same house and it really seemed that nothing much had changed. 


BUT I changed.


I guess it was so gradual, that I did not notice which I am grateful for. But I am more confident than I used to be. I am getting more comfortable standing in my truth (I was a people-pleaser) and I am using this 'Spiritual Time-Out' to figure out how to move forward in a way that feels authentic to me.


I got a reading from a friend of mine who uses tarot and she has been doing my readings for years. And she said, 'I don't know what you did, but a lot of your blockages are gone'. I think that is specifically due to SEW. I was carrying a lot of baggage and thankfully it is gone. I finally feel like I could start living my life more fully.


So I wanted to personally thank you. Also, it was really special to see the two of you work together and balance each other.


Have a great Mother's Day!"




"Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade please know that I am grateful beyond measure for The Mediumship Experience ” I participated in this weekend! I thank you and the ancestors for your guidance! I thank you and the priestess’ and sisters for allowing me to share this spiritually sacred space with you and be comforted as well as comfortable! I would have never thought (when I signed up for the Mediumship Training course) this but as I reflected upon my journey this weekend I can truly say that my life has changed and will never be the same! Please know that this statement is not to be taken lightly, the ancestors guided me to you for they already knew what I needed.  My soul reunited with my long lost sista -complete joy! My ancestors have shared with me the instructions that I most needed to hear. Spirit spoke, shared, and connected with and through me And I LISTENED and I SPOKE! My spirit was cleansed with herbs and prayers -I have experienced an enlightenment and rebirth that I pray that many more will be able to experience based on their needs! I give thanks for ALL that is and ALL that will be! May peace and blessings be continuously bestowed upon you! ❤️"
~ Ekale

"Today Yeyefini introduced me to my African Ancestors and to my truest self during my first Roots Reading. It was like a family reunion of spirit, heart, and mind. It was an honor to learn the origins of my many attributes, passions, talents and drive to empower women and girls. My ancestor, who wears the "big sun hat," is the one who has helped me to orchestrate the gathering together of women and girls and share my writing of the Sisterhood of Greatness Pledge and Manifesto. 


The level of confirmation and clarity that Yeyefini provided was incredible and priceless! From this moment on, I am stepping forward with a renewed sense of purpose, gratitude, patience, and undeniable connection. If spirit has led you to read this testimonial, then spirit is inviting you to spend some time allowing Yeyefini to support your journey. I am forever grateful for this enlightenment!"     

---Blanche A. Williams, MS



"Alafia Iyalode,


The SEI Retreat was a life-changing experience for me.  The growth is significant.  Where I was before SEI and where I am now is a complete 360.  To this day, I feel the effect of the personal healing and I am able to see my environment with different eyes and with assistance from the tools and skills I came away with.  SEI has taught me that I am not a victim and to trust the process no matter the appearance of my current circumstance.  I was able to confront my fears and childhood trauma.  This retreat has allowed me to empower and reclaim my true self. I am loving the person I am becoming."  

-Nisha T


"Alafia & Praises to the Most High!

Iyalode Yeyefini’s Oshun Soap, Scrub, and Lotion are staples in my home. They have created fire & desire in some very trying and barren times. I’m thankful for not only the romance but the open lines of communication and expression this combination inspires. My husband says it smells like cupcakes, that usually means—it’s on and poppin’’

Adeshina Shindara, Oakland Ca

"Alafia Iyalode.

You have been in my heart and mind and I thought that I should let you know. I am so incredibly thankful for the teachings, the information and the joy that you share with the people who meet/know/find you. I am thankful for the care, the authenticity and the rigor in which you inspire others, including me to integrate into our own lives. Much love and gratitude to you, your Egungun, your Spirit Guides, Your Orisha and all of the other entities that protect and guide you."
 Solanke O. In Greensboro NC



It is your humanness that keeps me trusting in what you bring to all of us.  Your willingness to be human, it speaks volumes.  Thank you for your work.  It is because of you why I have leaned into the surety of honoring my Baba in his transition from human to spirit.  Forever thankful.  I'll shoot you a message when I mail my gift from Ghana to you.  So timely, it can be a celebration of your Orisa anniversary!!! :)



Sista Keachia Speaks on YouTube

Keachia M. Bowers, MSW, RCSWI

Founder & Transformation Coach

Movements for Change, LLC



"Hello, Iyalode Yeyefini,
It is a great afternoon on this 1/22/2018 day because I just received my SEI Certificate of Completion from IIASK, Inc.  I will treasure this Certificate and future ones from the Institute. This was a milestone achievement for me, and it has equal importance as my college degree. I have learned so much from this program and it is instrumental in how I carry myself today as a woman and as a descendant of African ancestry.

I could not have asked for a better gift than to have received this in 2018.  I look forward to all the achievements that I intend to accomplish in this powerful year, and I intend to hold myself up to the highest standards for I represent IIASK, Inc. at all times."

-Thank you.Cheryl"

"I am passionate about learning, especially learning about African spirituality and empowerment. While searching for someone who could teach me the essential beliefs of African spirituality, I came across quite a few characters. Many were overly secretive, did not make me feel welcomed, or made me feel as if I was going to be exploited. Discovering Yeyefini’s Youtube channel and website has been the best thing that has happened to me during this journey. After spending many hours going through her videos, I knew she was the divine feminine being I wanted to learn this spiritual system from.


Yeyefini is one of the most genuine, open, nurturing, and dedicated teachers I have ever come across. I look forward to growing with Yeyefini and her wonderful family at Yeyefini.com. I hope to enrich my family with her teachings and curriculum for the next 1000 years. Ase!"




"Merindilogun Divination Class with Iyalode Yeyefini is an amazing and unique experience.. Her style of teaching is based on her many years of research, study and experience as a diviner as well as her vivacious personality. She gives you the traditional information on merindilogun divination followed by a step by step practical way of applying that information to real people and their very real everyday life situations. I highly recommend Iyalode Yeyefini's  divination classes to any priest wishing to deepen their understanding of the ancient Yoruba merindilogun divination system and how to use it for self and or others."

-J. Efunlayo Maxey




"I could probably write a book about my experiences with Yeye.  If I think about all the phone calls, readings, rituals, conversations, prayers, advice and wisdom given, I would probably run out of space on this testimonial, so I’ll keep it brief.  If you’re reading this, you probably know by now who she is or have been introduced to Yeye through word-of-mouth or stumbled across her products of delight.  Nevertheless, you have come here by way of Light, Love and Truth… Congratulations on the change of a lifetime.

I’ll tell you this… I met Yeye right after my Mother was murdered.  Being raised a strict Christian, I still had residue of beliefs that would cause cognitive dissonance in what I was currently studying and trying to practice.  I had begun a spiritual journey long before, in Buddhism, Yoruba, and other transcendent enlightenment that caused an awakening in my Spirit that simply would not allow the old belief system to reign.  As fate would have it, I was introduced to Yeye, my Godmother.

In short, it is because of Yeye’s voice of reason, teachings, and directing me to Ancestral Worship that I was able (am able) to see, really see my Mother in my heart, my eyes, and my daily life and not as a rotting shell in the ground.  She helped me when I was at my lowest point.  In a short period of time, my Mother was murdered, I had surgery, and got divorced, along with so many other “upsets”… I can truly and honestly say, that Yeye helped me through it. I also did my work, much prayer, soul searching, and truth-telling, all with the guidance of Yeye.  Every day I am grateful and appreciative to God (Oludumare), my Ancestors, the Orishas, the Universe, Spirit Guides……… heck I’m grateful to LOVE for bringing Yeye into my life. Ase’

Again I congratulate you in your walk, because beloved, You Are On The Right Path."

Love, Megan M.



"Bendiciones Yeyefini.
Thank you for your wonderful, inspiring messages. I just retired from the military and have listened to you for some time now. I used to get WiFi when I was in Afghanistan and I would view your tube videos after long and stressful days.  Thanks again."


Oyu Omure la Oba (Freddy Hernandez)



"Happy Anniversary Iyalode, Queen of The White Cloth that Obatala has covered you with over the years. I am ETERNALLY grateful for the sacrifices, endurance, LOVE, fortitude, strength and foresight that you have demonstrated over the years. Your life is an example of what it means for us, your Godchildren, to be committed to Olodumare-The Ancestors- And The Orisas. You constantly evolve, grow, and show the world the power of intention and transformation. May this time be the biggest and best blessing of your life as you celebrate all that Obatala has given to you, His most devoted Omo. May Yemonja y Oshun shower you with nurturing love, as you have shown to so many for so long. God bless you Iyalode. Have a beautiful day, week, month, and many more years of bliss!!!! Thank You for your grace and love that you have given me over the years. Take care......"



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