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Yeyefini Efunbolade, Director


Alafia, We are pleased to announce ritual services that we hope will make it convenient & economical for everyone to maintain their ongoing personal rituals and worship. See details below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.


Life Coaching

Yeyefini helps individuals reach holistic wellness – emotional, mental, physical and financial – through life coaching. You will gain the following through life coaching with Yeyefini:

  • Improve your personal connections through relationship consultations.

  • Gain professional success by finding your best career path.

  • Raise happy and balanced children regardless of their personal challenges.

  • Ways to repair, cleanse and detoxify your body and mind.

  • How to use ‘spiritual laws’ to create ‘real world’ abundance.

  • Ways to recondition your mind, body, and spirit for ‘automatic’ abundance.


Cultural Consultant

As a cultural consultant, Yeyefini provides her clients with a comprehensive source of culturally relevant information for their unique needs. She plans cultural events that are authentic, thought provoking and fun.


These events include cultural conferences of all sizes, family reunions, naming ceremonies, gala events and anything in between!


Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual life coaching is a holistic approach to total wellness that utilizes spiritual consultations and mentoring. For over 43 years as an ordained Obatala priestess in Ifa and Lukumi, she has assisted her clients in empowering and transformative services. She integrates the body, mind, and spirit to ensure greater success in all areas of life.

The coaching process begins with a spiritual Consultation/Reading with Merindinlogun Cowries which she uses to connect to the Spirits/Energy of Orisa 

For the best results, it is recommended that each individual schedule a one-hour session for an in person or via telephone session Contact Yeyefini today to schedule your personal spiritual consultation/readings

$75.00 one hour sessions



African Ministerial Services

Yeyefini also performs wedding ceremonies. She combines her vast knowledge of ancient African philosophy with the needs and desires of modern-day couples. This includes extensive premarital counseling and a consultation of the couples’ spiritual energies. Yeyefini then creates a special and unique ceremony for the bride and groom.




Location:  House of Kuumba 745 SW 4th Terrace, Dania Beach, Florida 33304.


To register contact Yeyefini or Efunlayo.

Iyalode Yeyefini Efunbolade  954-296-6641

J. Efunlayo Maxey    954-612-0627


P.O. Box 101711

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33310


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