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Women in Orisa Tradition the why, when and how

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In this episode we dive deeply into the role of women in African Traditional Religion past and present.

Our guests are 2 priestesses in Ifa Tradition

I am looking forward to covering such topics;

Has the enphasis on Ifa change the women's role in the Orisa community

What is the traditional role of women in the religion?

How do you see our faith and way of life, contributing to the healing of our people and mankind today?

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Iya Funlayo E. Wood, PhD is a scholar-priestess of Ifa-Orisa, intuitive tarot reader, traveler, and public speaker whose mantra is “scholarship, service, and spirit!” She earned her doctorate from Harvard University currently at the Center for Black Studies Research at the University of California, Santa Barbara. A 10-year initiate of Obatala, Osun and Ifa, Iya Funlayo is an avid defender of and advocate for the Ifa-Orisa tradition. She teaches and motivates via her online platform Ase Ire and produces conferences via the African and Diasporic Religious Studies Association.

Oyabunmi is an ordained Priestess in the Ifa tradition. As a child priestess she came of age with a unique perspective on practicing and navigating traditional religion and culture while living in North America. Her educational and professional background in Exercise Science/Kinesiotherapy , Yoga, and West African dance paved the way for her current work as a Wellness Advocate. She has travelled extensively in the world of professional sport while cultivating a family of elite performance athletes. This journey contributed to her passion around nutrition and the importance of whole food nutrition as it relates to performance. She is a certified Yoga Instructor and has studied, performed, and taught West African dance internationally?. Currently, Oyabunmi resides in NYC where she is an active priestess. She guides those ready to take a journey into power and transformation by offering spiritual guidance, health consulting, and access to whole healing and vitality.


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