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What’s up Wednesdays

To have a clean orderly mind is not a chore we look forward to When we focus on externals, people’s actions that we feel we cannot control, feeling anxious, getting angry by the same triggers of things that happened a long time ago or feel confused and stagnant can leave us feeling drained, depressed, and exhausted. Being  aware of the power, flexibility and creative potential of your mind and spirit, you can choose to look at whatever is happening as a trigger to change what you believe is possible for you. Today take a look at or create a vission for yourself for this week, and this month. Put the vission and mission statement on sticky notes, put them   on your mirror, door, bathroom,  refrigerator on your car dashboard and cellphone to remind you that “Whatever you believe you WILL conceive” so change your limiting beliefs about your inability to WIN in this thing we call life. Mind shifting ritual of the week: Take a coconut 🥥, leave it whole, rub Efun, cascarilla or white chalk on it, rum it over your head for about 3 minutes and pray as you affirm “Me and my Ori(divine consciousness) are in sync and working harmoniously for me right now. When the ritual is complete put it in a bag Then take it far from your home and dash it on the ground, braking it. Leave it there and walk away.....

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