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Tuesday tidbit

Good morning my lovelies. Last Saturday’s Osun Ibuaiye Meditation, offerings, spiritual inspirations and celebrations was phenomenal. We lost 4 members of the group Yay!!! 🔔 🎉 I think this is such a wonderful and special group, page. Whenever someone leave and move on we celebrate, eat cake, ring Ibuaiye’s bell because the woman or man have connected with their divine romantic partner or have changed the resonance of their current relationship to a deeper frequency...bye bye.The homework assignment for this week is “Say Yes” to what you are clear about exactly what you want, use your Ylang Ylang oil, step out of your comfort zone, use your do something bold and daring.... and watch Osun Ibuaiye co-create your desires.

Congratulations to those who have left the group and WELCOME to the new participants in our Divine Partnering family.

Have a great week !!!


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