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Today is my birthday 🎁

8/31/2020 will go down in my memory as one of the most beautiful days I have experienced in many years. I have been blessed by the outpouring of well wishes, calls, cards, gifts and divine manifestations. At times we set an intention towards achieving what may seem like far away or even an impossibility; however through, prayer, trust, using our spiritual medicine and self awareness our desires manifest in such an easy flow that we marvel at our ability to co create with god. When we use this process to manifest our desires, we are supporting our intention from its beginning to its final fulfillment. With this constant connection to the source of infinite energy within, our wishes can be realized easily, without strain or effort.

If we use any mental strain or effort trying to manifest our intentions, it doesn’t help – the tension will only delay and constrict the manifestation of desire. I am eternally grateful for the unfolding of my silent prayers as I revel in total gratitude and humility to source, ancest and Orisa today

💕💖 I thank my mother and father for giving me life, my children for being my lessons and you my friends for being the revelation of my Odu this incarnation

blessed birthday to All of Us

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