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The Creation Frequency by mike Murphy

It’s Friday, Viernes, Ose Songo, Oya and 7/19/2019=2 Universal frequency........

What you gonna do with all the electric current subconsciously running through us all. For me I will continue juice detoxing, meditating, bathing in herbs and reassessing some stuff❤️

Use this frequency now it or you’ll lose the opportunity to set yourself up for expanding all you truly deserve.

This book has changed my life. You know how you can at times feel it in your bones that it’s time to explode, implode or give in; well for me this book came into my life at the perfect divine time.

I am giving all of my attention to my intentions by digging deep, being specific and practical as I passionately share my gifts with the world. Thank you Heart and Soul Center of Light #lovematters for this year’s Summer School inspirational textbook.

@theheartsoulcenter #heartandsoulcenteroflight

Have a Fayahhhhhh 🔥 weekend my friend

Oya and Songo are pushing you to change, evolve and explode today !!#yeyefinism #ObatalaDanceChallenge #yeyefini #yeyefinibalancedliving


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