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Thanks for your loving support of my ministry and walk in faith

On Aug 26,1971  Yeyefini Efunbolade,a very naive, courageous, passionate, adventurous, Pan Africanist, African Descended Panamanian took a bold step and made the conscious commitment  to trust spirit, her elders and walk into the unknown and powerful world of Orisa /Ifa Ancient African Wisdom Spiritual System. 49 years later I am eternally grateful to each and every one of you who’ve been instrumental in helping to shape the woman I have become. I thank my mother ,my illustrious Ancestors my late father, Clyde Roach, my   godfather the late Orisamola Awolowo  Ibae t'orun , Juan Silveira aka Juan Candela, Nélida Silveira, Pedro Loinas (Ogun bi) May you all rest  in perfect peace at the feet of Olodumare as you continue to influence my work here on earth. I thank my first teacher on the path of Orisa Spiritual Practice, the late Walter Eugene King AKA Oba Efuntola Adefunmi 1, Ibae t'orun.  I thank you for sharing your immeasurable commitment, knowledge and passion with us for "All things African" I remain grateful to my elders, teachers, students and wonderful godchildren who ‘ve trusted, believed and grew with me on this path.   I remain grateful and humble to my wonderful children and grandchildren who are my ancestral gifts, the Efunbolade clan who’s courageous, steadfast and hard work continues to influence who I am, what I do, and who I will be. Today I bless you all in the name of Obatala Eeepa  Orisa May he/she continues to enrich your body, mind and soul through the power of forgiveness gratitude, love and peace in your lives. I remain grateful for every breath I take and every person who’s shared their life with me on my journey this incarnation.  .... .you are the reason i wake every morning and share my passion for living in faith and service. To you my friends, thanks for always being respectful, kind and loving to me here on social media. I am who I am because of Olorun, my Ori, Ifa, my Ancestors, Orisa,  Odu and the love I’ve received in my life Eku Odun Baba Mi Obatala Osaginyan (Happy Anniversary Obatala my father) " Challenges drive me, Ethics guide me , growth, change and opportunity invigorates me" Iyalode Yeyefini Osuniohun Efunbolade


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