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Sunday, Domingo,8/25/2019=18=9 energy of completion, Sankofa, looking back to our past as a way to reclaim your power through knowledge of history.

Today as we bend our knees, pour libation, meditate, attend to sacred spaces, invoke ancestors with food dance and tears as a way to connect to the divine in you.... Let’s remember to say a special prayer of elevation and global acknowledgment of the love and atonement that will transform the energy of fear, of hate, cruelty and inhumanity.

In 2017 I had the honor of being invited to Badagry Nigeria during the establishment of the “Honoring of the returning Children of the Diaspora through The Door of Return Monument in Badagry Nigeria.”

Men women and children from Guadalupe, Jamaica, France, Brazil, USA, Haiti, South Africa, Ghana were welcomed through the door 🚪by priests, Kings, chiefs and visitors from around the world who witnessed the historic celebrations. May we now sit at the table of brotherhood as we heal, take responsibility and make atonement.

In the early 1500's, slaves were transported from West Africa to America through Badagry. It is reported that Badagry exported no fewer than 550,000 African slaves to America during the period of the American Independence in l787. In addition, slaves were transported to Europe, South America and the Caribbean. The slaves came mainly from West Africa and the neighboring countries of Benin and Togo as well as others parts of Nigeria. The slave trade became the major source of income for the Europeans in Badagry.


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