• Yeyefini

Stand on Mother Earth and awaken your internal fire

It’s Friday, Viernes, Ose Ogun, 5/3/2019=11 vibrational day.... act like it !!!!

Under this influence and energy you have the availability to overcome feelings of sadness, loneliness, separation, looking back with regret, or any feelings of despondency by being courageous, brave and resilient.

Summon your Ogun fire 🔥 from within and transform any blockages you may perceive as hindrances so you will rise like the Phoenix

Here is an energy shifting ceremony that may find helpful.

Find somewhere in nature where you can plant your bare feet firmly on the ground as you make a strong affirmation and summon your will.

If you are able to, pour a libation with water and repeat. “ Water has no enemy and takes any shape and container it’s placed in, I too have no enemies and i am free to do what’s best for my highest and best good. I am grounded in spirit, mind and body right where I am with the support of truth/god/source/universe/ Orisa .... I let go and let God.

Have a phenomenal Friday my friend


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