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Squeeze out all the good stuff still left in 2018

Monday, Lunes, beginning of a new workweek, preparation for the winter solstice detox juice cleanse, opportunity to explore and expand our awareness of all the ways to shed our weight, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional. When we expand our awareness, release fear and the burdens brought from guilt, shame or limiting beliefs we’ll feel light and free. The new sense of lightness in our life allows us to effortlessly let go of heaviness that doesn’t serve us.

We still have 21 more days till the end of 2018. There are still lots of wonderful things to squeeze out of this year.

Begin right where you are to acknowledge the enriching experiences you’ve received and can still get more of as you look in anticipation to 2019’s newness, hope and potential for a more abundant life.

Juice of the day: Aloes, Orange, coconut water

Spiritual wash of the day: White flower bath (instruction available on my YouTube channel)

Affirmation of the day: “ I am squeezing out all the good stuff left for me to experience from 2018 “

Have a precious, enriching week my friend


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