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Spiritual forecast for 2020

Blessed new day, new decade and new YOU my friends

Yesterday we performed the annual Yeyefini.com. New Year Spiritual Forecast for the World, USA and Diaspora. We are transcribing it today and will post

on my website tomorrow.

The Odu received in yesterday’s forecast divination is as follows:

World 🌎 Ose Di

USA 🇺🇸 Irosun Osa

Diaspora African and Beyond was

Irosun Obara

Will share insights and recommendations once fully transcribed from the recordings

Thanks for the support of my ministry over the years my beloved friends

If you will like to schedule your own personal forecast please make appointments on my website. www.yeyefini.com I appreciate the calls; however because of the volume I must refer you to the website. You know I love y’all 😅


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