• Yeyefini

Shifting energy

I am an exclamation point for my ancestors. Whenever a great change is coming we go through a dark passage into the light and see the rewards of the journey. Here is a good tool to use when going through the shadow of death so you will fear no evil. Sprinkle Efun/ cascarilla on the leaves after invoking your ancestors and spirit guides/Orisa etc. Proceed the wipe your bode swiftly with the hers as you se peat remove death, losses, curses etc. When finished, break the herb in half and throw away into garbage. Wear white or light colors as you watch all of your blessings flow to you

I did this cleaning, went for a walk and found a plum tree loaded with red sweeeettt and huge plums. I picked some.... guess who is making wine 😂🤣

Have a positive day


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