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Self love is key....

Where in the world is the little short globe trotting Iyalode @yeyefini_ .... I am on one of many Self Love Holidays i set my intention to gift to myself. Thanks @akankeadefunmi for reminding me to be tender and loving to myself and thanks to @oyabunmi for inviting me into your beautiful world. Finally with much humility and grace I thank Osun Ibuaiye for raising our vibrational frequency to easily quickly and miraculously bringing this all together. We will be sharing more photos and information on joining us soon in Costa Rica Go like Our page Osun Ibuaiye on Facebook

Pura Vida..... Pure Life


#yeyefini #oyabunmi #akankeadefunmi @ Dominical, Puntarenas, Costa Rica


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When life gives you lemons.... make lemonade. Face the lemons, come close to them ... then squeeze the juice out, add sweetener, drink as you ask yourself “ Why is this happening For Me” ... trust me


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