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Self love is key

Blessed self loving weekend my friend.

Living in the present can, at times, cause us to forget about ourselves. The expectations to be considered a successful adult can be exhausting, and stressful. These same expectations can also be emotionally psychologically and physically depleting. There seems to be less and less hours in a day and more and more strangers coming into our lives. It seems at times that we are not getting the love from our friends and families when we want it.

Sometimes we are not as loving and giving as others would like or expect us to be.

In order to fill the void that will make us feel balanced, productive, supported and loved, we must fall in love with ourselves.

1. We can learn to treat ourselves as we do our lovers.

2. Say loving things to ourselves

3. Take ourselves out on a weekend getaway.

4. Dress up, groom and be a model on your own runway show.

5. Give yourself small inspiring cards and love notes around your home and workplace.

6. Give yourself big hugs

7. Give yourself at least two compliments a day.

8. Take self love seriously.

9. Dance when no one is watching.

10. Eat one of your guilt foods once a month.

11. Don’t allow anyone to break up your relationship with yourself.

12. Reject self loathing and treat yourself with the kindness

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Excerpt from:

"Meaningful Mondays"


Copyright 2010 by Yeyefini Efunbolade


All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part

in any form.

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