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Self Empowerment Intensive graduation 2019

Monday, Lunes, last day of April and the beginning of a new life for the 6 participants who completed the 2019 SEI experience under the leadership of Yeyefini Balanced Living and the International Institute of African Studies and Knowledge (IIASK)

It takes 9 months of preparation for the completion of this powerful SEI experience

With the assistance of our illustrious ancestral ancient practices and my staff, we guide the participants into reawakening the trust in spirit required to overcome the energy of fear, anger, rage, self denial, distrust,and even self hate which at times can be handed down to us through trauma or familial pathology.

The Theme, Goal,and Outcome of this annual journey known as the Self Empowerment Intensive is an opportunity to go within, face all of our emotions, respond to those emotions by creating solutions as we seek guidance from our inner self/ true self. It’s a must for anyone who is a descendant of Africa living here in the Diáspora , as well as anyone considering initiation into the priesthood of any African Traditional Religion. This 5 day investment of your time and resources can allow you to know truly who you are fully before entering into a covenant with Orisa, Deity, Loa or spirit.

Congratulations to all 6 who completed the process and we look forward to you joining the ranks of the many who’s lives have been transformed and purified over the past 21 years through this experience.

Ekuse, God bless you and may your ancestor’s presence continue to uplift and encourage you this incarnation.


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