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It’s Friday, 8/22/2019=15=6 universal vibratory energy of expression.

It’s an ideal time to reflect on what keeps showing up in your life leaving you feeling stuck while trying to figure out what’s next in your life, or how to pay attention to the intention you set for yourself months ago. At times because of modernity, the physical buildings that most of us live in today are not built with the same principles as was done in traditional culture. In traditional culture, a house is built believing/knowing that the founding occupants will live there from generation to generation. Rituals were done to pay homage and ask permission from the Ancestors, earth, sky, the animals, the flora and fauna. Today, we can learn to live as traditional people in a modern world and embrace the principles that acknowledge the presence of spirit in all aspects of our lives. We are able to make changes in our perception of how to choose a house, a building, and a location for us to live in, for our business place, a relationship and /or even how to choose a school for you or your children to attend. In ancient wisdom cultures whenever someone was beginning any new project, there would be a conversation with spirit as to what’s the probability of success or failure of the project. One of the methods used was through a binary mathematical system known as a spiritual forecast/divination/reading.

If you find yourself at this juncture in your life, I highly recommend the use of an African Spiritual System as a guide on your path to realizing your greatness.

I invite you to visit www.Yeyefini.com for more info on this topic.Have a Fabulous Friday my friend

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