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Renewal of body mind and spirit

I want to thank you all for listening and sending messages yesterday about the broadcast on Ask Yeyefini Show on Blogtalk (Yemoja)

Where is Iyalode Yeyefini Now?

I am lightening up my body mind

and spirit.

No more mind seductive distractions such as Netflix or Hulu. 🤣🤣😂😂

I am renewing blood, cells and mind with a 2 week juice realignment transformation detox discipline😜

This is a great time to cleanse, renew and refocus our attention to our intentions.

As we learn to live consciously in the present moment, we find we don’t have to do anything to let go of burdens of pain and fear – they let go of us. Our natural state of balance in life is lightness and ease.

. Feel free to join me if your spirit calls to it.

Today I am making beet and carrot juice. Tuesday, celery cucumber pepper juice.

Wednesday:watermelon ginger lemon juice

Thursday, kale apple parsley

Friday, radish cucumber bell pepper

Tonight taking “No More Parasite Colon Herbal Cleanse capsule and CKLS....

Have a meaningful Monday my friend


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