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Religion is that which ties us back to who and who’s we are

The Religious Soul:

The influence of this aspect of our development impacts what we believe about God, the Creator, the Divine source (Olodumare). In our quest for peace and love, we sometimes are on a constant search for an organized form of worship to connect us to the source/God. For the most part everyone believes there is a source that we are connected to through spirit or energy. To the Yoruba/Ifa belief system, the physical manifestation of the connection to God is our breath. That is the vehicle by which we stay connected to the Life giving source of life. (Oludumare). When we analyze the word, Religion (Religion - is the combination of the prefix "Re," means back, again + "ligare", means to tie, bind). So it is safe to say that religion is that which ties us back. If religion connects us back to where we came from then it would be natural to conclude that the true sense of home, peace, love that we search for is obtained through connecting to where we came from, Africa. Whatever Ancestry you are descended from has a traditions, beliefs, values, principles, and a connection to the Creator or spirit that has guided them from time immemorial.

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