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My prayers go out to those who are experiencing loss, sadness and shock due to the devastation due to the hurricane, shootings, fires in the amazon and personal grief. Here is a simple but effective spiritual energy shifting baths I have used in the past.

One of Oya's rituals to overcome depression, sadness, loss, exhaustion, and mourning is to take a bouquet of different colored flowers, pray and invoke names of your Ancestors as you proceed to pluck each petal into a bucket of water. Add to this mixture 4 drops of cinnamon oil (from the leaf or bark), 2 drops of sandalwood oil, and 2 drops of orange oil. This preparation is to last for 9 days. Pray for self-confidence to strengthen the heart and recognize that all painful loss is an opportunity to find peace and to dispel emotional exhaustion and weakness.

You may follow your regular bath with this bath, doing this for 9 days. Keep this bath in the refrigerator and every day, for 9 days, after your regular bath; pour some of this preparation over you. At the completion of the 9 days, burn a white candle and each day say prayers to release loss, mourning the passing of events, celebrating the death, and the ending of the cycle in which you find yourself. After the 9 days, have a celebration party for your resurrection. Make this affirmation, “I accept all aspects of my personality which helps me achieve honesty and peace within me.

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