• Yeyefini

Powerful Women Doing the Work

Do not be distracted by some of the negative things we see on the news and social media about despair, hopelessness and being underserved

There are many men and women in the trenches “doing the work” globally. I share with you today some of my friends/sisters/family who are powerful game changers. I bow to your strength, resilience, passion and destiny my sisters.

These are “Women who know how to turn toughness into TRIUMPH, struggle into STRENGTH, persistence into POWER”

DAF Head of Mission H.E Ambassador Erieka Bennett, African Legacy Trust: Ms Toni Luck, Author Ms Tendai Jordan and my daughter Akanke Adefunmi of #ClaimYourShero and www.bit.ly/womenrisingnow

You are the change we have been preparing for. May Grace and Love be the wind beneath your wings


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