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Oya Season is coming

September Change is coming !!! Get ready for Oya’s frequency energy charge and change

OYA - September Celebration. Oya allows us to appreciate the part of our spirit that is structured, has limitations, organization, requires perseverance, cycles of life, divine plan, sobriety, miscarriage of undertakings, failures, pessimism, caution, delays, adversity, destruction, reconstruction, death and resurrection. In nature, there must always be regulation, laws, consequences, karma, and loss. Oya's energy allows us to recognize that after the storm, there is the calm. The calm comes when we appreciate, in the moment and in the event, that every situation is temporary and that all change is good. Oya is the wind of change, the hurricane and the tornado, the desert, and those people who have been abandoned or orphaned. Oya is their divine protector. She is steadfast in friendship and is always reliable. Oya is a warrior for truth, reality, cold fact, and unemotional, calculated approach to life. By knowing, embracing, and developing discipline, responsibility, accountability, and restraint, we develop into a sage, a wise woman, and an elder, all knowing, all seeing. The process of life from birth is a constant walk that leads to death. Oya waits for us with open arms, knowing that we will come to her and expect her to take us, guide us, to our final rest. Oya is passion and allows us to be influenced by everything that is in our space, i.e., if there is joy, there is extreme joy; if there is sadness, and then there is extreme sadness. Oya's colors are purple, black, dark blue, indigo, brown, and burgundy. Her number is 9. The day of the week is Thursday and her planet is Pluto.

With the use of Oya's rituals, we protect ourselves from negative influences that are in our physical and spiritual surroundings.

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