• Yeyefini

Our bodies are very wise !!

Blessed good morning my tree huggers and crystal worshiping tribe🧘🏽‍♂️😊

Teaching Tuesday... Look who I ran into this morning !!!

I just started physical therapy to correct pain in my tailbone from an old injury I sustained many years ago. My body is so intelligent. As I was unpacking my suitcase from my recent trip to Florida and Costa Rica.... look who I found !! 👀 i found my selenite. I usually keep her with my other crystals but couldn’t find he. I put her at my bed side and the went of google to check out what she was guiding me to do ... and i found this. Selenite is excellent in aiding with clear thinking and to increase ones awareness both when looking inward and at the world around you. Providing both flexibility and resolve, assisting in adjudicating and facilitating material acquisitions Selenite is a great stone to keep at your workspace. It is also helpful with back pain. It is used to align the spinal column, removing energy blockages and is associated with cell regeneration.

Our bodies already know how to attain equilibrium, and we can enhance our physical state simply by listening to the clues our bodies give us. The more deeply connected with our intuition we become, the more we grow in awareness of how best to keep our aura, asé and our bodies – in balance.

Have a Terrific Teaching/Learning /Self Supported Tuesday my friend


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