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October Newsletter Osun Ibuaiye


Osun Ibuaiye: The Avatar of Romance October Newsletter

The weather is changing and so should you Here we are on the last stretch of the year 2019. 3 months left to review the intentions we set for ourselves on New Year’s Day January 1, 2019. As you perhaps are evaluating relationships you are currently in, or the ones you are hoping for, what have you done differently to change the frequency of the magnetic power you have to get every delicious thing you desire. At times we judge ourselves as incomplete or lacking in the skills to attract our divine partner. Being receptive and open to romantic relationships can be exciting, scary and fun but at times may take us to a place where transparency, vulnerability, forgiveness, and release of old worn-out beliefs and ideas may be the next best course of action to attract and be attracted to our divine partner. What limiting belief and actions are holding you back. What fear, thoughts, and doubts are causing you to attract undesirable results. It takes more than just positive thinking to turn your life around. Whatever you believe subconsciously about who you are and whose you are will bring about exactly what you desire, negatively or positively. You are an expression of the Divine, Source, God, Orisa, Universe. When you know and act from a deep knowledge of your power to co-create with spirit then you shift your belief that whatever you believe the universe is, it is. Please join me on Blogtalk, Facebook Live and YouTube “Ask Yeyefini Show” October 6, and October 13 , 8:00 PM EST where we will have a 2 part discussion on “Looking for Love in all the Right places” A powerful and compelling explanation on the avatar of Osun known as Ibuaiye, and how to access her energy to transform your life. This will be a necessary and interesting discussion on relationships in the Orisa community, and why are so many women who are seeking husbands without them? We will also dive into the archetypes of the mature masculine to discover what many of our men are missing and how to recover it. So this month of October as the weather begins to cool down and you think about winter snuggling 😊go ahead and open yourself to change the frequency of your romantic divine partnership. Yours in love Iyalode Yeyefini Osuniohun Efunbolade


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