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August Newsletter

My dear friends, on August 26, 1971, I was ordained into the sacred mysteries known as Orisa Obatala. Since that day, I have been blessed with a life I never imagined. I thank Obatala Osaginyan deeply for the wonderful, blessed, purposeful, abundant life I have.

My ordination was the turning point in my life from me thinking I was crazy to know that I am unconditionally loved. For the past 49 years, I have fallen, bumped my head, made mistakes, lost faith, sometimes lost my way. But, through the love of Obatala, the patience he has with my development, and his teachings on humility, I have learned how to get up, dust myself off, stand tall and receive my blessings. I have been blessed with 3 wonderful children, 6 perfect grandchildren :-), great siblings, good family, marvelous godchildren, many friends known and unknown.

Today I am eternally grateful to each one of YOU that through Obatalas's light you have come into my life to love me, guide me, trust me and show me what love looks and feels like. May Obatala continue to let me be of service to humanity, have a healthy, long productive life ....and continue to have a sense of humor as a bonus. www.yeyefini.com

















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