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Obatala my is my Constant Comfort

OBATALA -August Celebration. Obatala connects to the part of our spirit that allows us to appreciate that all challenges, obstructions or problems that we face are an opportunity to recognize the presence of God (Oludamare). It also allows us to recognize that every person in our lives comes to us with a message and a blessing. We must seize every opportunity to make the choice to be accountable to ourselves and to be responsible for our growth process and evolution by recognizing that the ultimate reality for power is the state of peace. Obatala is the energy in the Universe that governs the mountains and the air. He represents peace, cohesiveness, mapping out and strategizing how to accomplish long-term goals and tasks. He is the energy of creation and humility, good character, and unity with everyone and everything. Obatala represents, in our consciousness, the ability to choose the right actions, knowing that God's presence, power, and ability can be ours at every request. Obatala governs the head, which is the home of the brain. The brain is the part of the body that governs thinking, intuition, wisdom, recollection, reciprocity, unity, and clarity. Obatala represents perfection in every moment. In each and every moment we have alternatives and can make choices that can have positive outcomes. The color for Obatala is white, the numbers are 8 and 10, and all days are sacred to Obatala. The metal is silver.

"The mind is a terrible thing to waste," is a very popular proverb today. The Yoruba ascribe rituals to change the ways of looking at things, expanding one's awareness and recognizing that common sense is really the "Voice of God." Sometimes we are so bombarded by problems, challenges and confusion that we waste our minds worrying, trying to figure things out or just giving up. When this happens, the voice of God (common sense) tells us what to do and how to do it. However, because we are sometimes bombarded by the pressure of modern society's expectations, or sometimes the disempowering things we say and believe about ourselves and others, we don't think that our "common sense" makes any sense. Doubting ourselves in that moment blocks the flow of divine intelligence to come and assist us with courage, passion, and choice.

Obatala governs the head, the mind, and the divine energy of expansion, humility, clarity, and peace. Through rituals, the head, the perception is cleared because the mindset shifts.

A ritual on how to shift and allow divine wisdom to be exalted in you. Take a coconut; paint it white by using yam flour, cornstarch or white chalk (pray throughout the process). Hold the coconut up above your head as you ask the Creator to bless and empower it and to allow the coconut to be a vehicle for changing your thought, perception, ideas, and concepts which may be blocking you from clarity, abundance and mental strength. Place the coconut on the top of your head and pray. Continue the prayers and affirmations while rolling the coconut in a clockwise direction around your head, face, back of neck, and front of neck. Continue this process for about 3-5 minutes and when all of your wishes and desires have been expressed, put the coconut in a bag and take it immediately to a crossroad, remove it from the bag and break it by throwing it hard against the pavement, saying. "As I break this coconut, I break negative and oppressive thoughts, ideas and perceptions, allowing clarity, peace, success, and abundance to flow to me."

Leave the coconut there, walk away and do not look back, knowing, expecting, and accepting your new reality.

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