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November newsletter

Blessed Family History Month

of November 

Make this the month that you finally get the family photos out of the shoe boxes or bags in the back of your closet, track down the photo you've never seen of your great-grandparents, record your grandparent's words or ask Grandma to help you put names to the faces of all of those unmarked photos in your family album. A few days ago I had the privilege of spending 2 weeks with my almost 100 yr old mother, an occasion that has forever changed my life. It was the first time that my son, my daughter in law, their 3 children my mother and I spent time discovering new/old things about who we are. I am very grateful for my active, smart, energetic

mother still being here with us on earth.

We took the opportunity to record my mother's voice and words in the evenings when she would share things that were very profound, personal, painful and celebratory. I knew my mother's story from a younger version of herself, but now close to 100 yrs old she is revealing on a much deeper level.

This experience allowed me to look at my own life, my children my siblings and grandchildren with a better sense of pride, resilience, gratitude, and humility of the blessings of our family history. I realize not only are my ancestors as well as yours, the canvas that paints our personal family history as thrivers, survivors, of racism, sexism, violence, abandonment, persecution, trauma,violence,poverty to become successful entrepreneurs, global-community leaders, successful business owners, landowners, landlords, educators, college graduates, parents that continually contribute globally to humanity "Some could say we came from nothing but are leaving something"

At times one can be distracted by the daily journey of life and unfortunately focus more on what we don't have based on the definition of success by others. Our minds can become clouded of the fact that the courage, strength, love, support, creativity, joy, happiness, peace we found came from our adversity. 

 Here are a few things that are happening in my family. My son and his family are performing a 9 day ritual of elevation for my daughter in law's mother Ms. Pansy.

My daughter Akanke, her children, and I are watching the movie COCO, retrieving old photos to add to the ancestral sacred space in their home.

Here are 10 wonderful ways to craft and commemorate your past.

1) Start researching your family tree both on and off the Internet.

2) Contact your parents, grandparents, and other relatives and ask them to send you a few of their favorite family recipes.

3) Recording family stories on audiotape, videotape, or in legacy journal..

4) Also known as medical genealogy, is a fun, and potentially lifesaving, project.

5) The perfect place to showcase and protect your precious family photos, heirlooms, and memories is a HERITAGE SCRAPBOOK.

6) If your extended family relies on email to stay in touch, then a family website may be for you. 

7) Most children will learn to appreciate their family history if you turn it into a detective game. 

8) From picture frame Christmas ornaments to heritage quilts, your family history makes a great gift! 

9) Grab a map, and hop in the car for a family adventure! A fun way to celebrate your family history is to visit sites of importance to your family.

10) Create a sacred space/altar/meditation table.

For more info on setting up an Ancestral altar Please go to Yeyefini.com and download the class ANCESTRAL REVERENCE. or Free on YouTube on the Yeyefini channel!

Have a blessed family connecting Month of November!!

"A Balanced Life Is A Source For Endless, Abundant Miracles When Mind, Matter, And Spirit Are Aligned". ~Yeyefini Efunbolade


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