• Yeyefini

New Moon ceremonies to manifest your desires

Thanks so very much for attending the 50th anniversary of Earth Day Community Libation today as we raised the universal vibration with @iyafunlayo and @yeyefini_

May you be blessed with peace abundance and love

The recommendations from today’s ceremony was for everyone to pray for 7 days for clarity, sprinkle water around your home “ as you “Slow Down and seek truth as you settle into your new reality “

Tonight is the New Moon and a perfect vibration to set intentions, ceremonies and rituals ( I am bathing my crystals in juicy new moon energy)

Both the Sun and the Moon are in the sign Taurus ♉️ ( Shongo) for two days. Use this time to draw and expand the things you really really want to make manifest.

The crystal CHALCEDONY is very good during this time

Have a rewarding New Moon my friend.

“May your Magic manifest”


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