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You’ve Asked for more ongoing classes ...and I’ve Answered. In preparation for the Upcoming Summer Season, I am launching a monthly virtual, on line lecture series every 2nd Wednesday.  June 10, July 8, August 12th, 2020. (90 minutes) > Registration is required.<  1) The 9 Souls: How to connect to the 9 energy  coordinating points which connect human beings to the divine source Olodumare, God, Divine presence  2)  “Is the God in You or in a Pot of Rocks” An important conversation every Orisa practitioner should have. 3)What’s  in a  Spiritual Marriage Consultation/Forecast/Reading (Why, When How)  4) The value of Offensive and Defensive Rituals in aligning you to Spirit as you evolve and change,  mapping a new course of life after Covid-19. Registration Begins May 1, 2020 on www.Yeyefini.com


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