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Monday ... start over and look ahead

To me, Monday sometimes feels like a day to begin, renew, celebrate,

plan or reconnect. I guess that’s because it’s the beginning of the work

week and we have an opportunity to feel good or bad about choices we

made over the weekend. Have you heard the saying, is your glass half

empty or half full?

As we journey through summer we wonder where the first part of

the year has gone. Maybe we have been successful in accomplishing

our New Year resolutions or perhaps we haven’t. Maybe we are trying to

figure out what to do to renew our commitment to the feelings we had

and things we planned to do this year. Perhaps we reflect on what we did

not get to because of distractions or unrealistic resolutions; we realize in

the mood of summer that perhaps we have run out of steam.

In any case, let’s take this current moment to look back and

celebrate what small things we did accomplish. Look at the eight months

prior to this day and make a list of six things you are grateful for—fill

up the half empty portion of your glass and then list six things you

intend to accomplish in the coming four months and plan how you will

celebrate each.

Start right now! Renew, celebrate, plan and recommit to this

wonderful time of change.

Here’s to a full glass meaningful monday!

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Excerpt from:

"Meaningful Mondays"


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