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Modupeoooooo Thank you from the bottom of my heart

Eeepahhhh Orisa, Orisa Eepa. From the crown of my head to the bottom of my little feet I send you blessings my friends. Thank you thank you.I draw inspiration and strength in gratitude from your kind word/prayers/gifts/phone calls over me yesterday in celebration of my Orisa Priesthood Ordination Anniversary.

I am still in bed chilling reminiscing, listening to voice messages and opening gifts, cards and letters from around the world

The Universal time out did not alter the way so many of you took the time to wish me well. It truly means a lot to me. May Obatala continue to bless each one of you here on social media.

I pray Baba Mi Obatala will spread blessing of peace and hope to make us mindful of the choices we are making as a result of the stress associated with the challenges many are facing. The pandemic, harsh weather, social unrest, protests, holding government officials accountable for the action of some police officers and the overall violence in the USA right now is making it harder to see the bright light at the end of the tonel I invite you all to set a special time of 12:00 noon for the next 3 days for prayers, meditation and cool heads during this time.

We are going to come through this time brighter, better and more aware of our global and individual responsibility as global citizens

Obatala Gbe awaoooooo jowo

May Obatala please bless us all

( This Beautiful crown is made and designed by @naj_inc )






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