• Yeyefini

Mercury Retrograde aritual

TBT.... I love my bush, herbs, Osain, weeds, plants.

During this Mercurial Retrograde if you feel challenged, uncertain or unclear about STUFF you thought you no longer had to deal with.... find yourself some herbs and cleanse with it to beat them little suckers back where they came from. 😂🤣🥰

Approach the bush, ask permission to cut it, offer a gratitude prayer, pick it , do a prayer over you and the herb telling it what you desire in your life at this time moving forward. You can then proceed to brush the herb over you entire body you say Jowo Kosi Wajala, Kosi burubu, kosi ofo, kosi eyo (Please take away problems, negativity, curses, trouble with the law)

Trust me you will feel a shift in your consciousness and more clarity in your mind.

When finished break the herbs in half and drop them in a garbage away from your home.

Have a blessed day my friend






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