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March Newsletter. Power in Women !!


March Newsletter with Ask Yeyefini Show

WOMEN"S HISTORY MONTH " The Power In Women "

Womb-man/Woman. The holder and keeper of the potential of humanity. Without the joining of womb-man and man, God would not have the opportunity to bring forth itself to physical form and live with nature/Neteru/God/Source. As humans developed techniques for survival, they perfected ways of guaranteeing food, shelter, and clothing for themselves. Women were given the gift of the monthly cycle that is a rhythmic dance around the cycles of the moon. The moon in its 4 stages of new, waxing, waning and full is the rhythmic dance that nature has in the 4 seasons of the year. Having a deep connection and appreciation for the systems and synchronicity of nature, she is the first scientist and she understands the importance of systems working independently but knowing its connectivity as the ultimate intention.  The month of March has been dedicated to Women's History Month as a way to hopefully shed a light on the importance of the Womb-man. I am taking the opportunity to focus on the POWER of women. As I struggled to write my monthly newsletter the words powerful women kept coming into my mind. I didn't know exactly how I would present this very important topic for the newsletter and monthly show of Facebook Live on the first Sunday of March. join me please and let’s have watch parties


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