• Yeyefini

It’s Sunday..... Folks

It’s Sunday, Domingo 4/14/2019=21=3. As we begin this week, let’s use the energy of 3 to connect to the ability to create anything from what you may see as nothing. You and the universe are always conspiring to take you to the highest resonance of your destiny. You are a magnet for positive or negative experiences in your life whenever you are clear, calm and confident that you are awesome, capable and equipped for anything you really really really desire. Blow your horn, grab your torch and run to your finish line my friend... you have already won.

Ritual of the week: Dedicate 6 red roses to Songo to strengthen your will. Put the flowers in a visible place in your home with a glass of water and a red and white candles. For the next 6 day choose a specific time to praise Songo with song and dance. Meditate and visualize the things you want to achieve, then get up and dance as if you have already got it!!!!

After 6 days use the flowers to make a bath with the petals crushed in water with a little honey, wine and perfume


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