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As we bend our knees, pour libation, meditate, attend to sacred space, pray, sing, drum, dance, cry, bathe with herbs , walk in nature or just sit in silence to connect to the divine within on this Sunday, Domingo 1/5/2020=10=1 vibration beginning, newness of the New Decade in the Gregorian calendar.....remember......it’s time to set your intention, use/align with spirit and enjoy the ride

This year 2020 and the entire decade will encourage you to use all of your spiritual tools, skills and knowledge of our connection to god/source/spiritual laws to bring about peace individually and collectively

We are at a very crucial time in history. A quick look at the news will tell you just how challenging these times are. Yet what most people don't realise is that all of this has been foretold for ages. The truth is, the upheavals, challenges, and frequencies at play right now are very clearly "written in the stars."

You see, we are living during the "Cusp" of a new age. As the old song goes, this is, indeed, the "dawning of the age of Aquarius." What that means is that a new consciousness is emerging on the planet. And since 2012, this "emergence" has accelerated.

In fact, never before in human history have thoughts and feelings manifested into physical reality so quickly! What this means for you is that you now have the opportunity to intentionally create your life exactly the way you want... as long as you are aligned with YOUR OWN TRUE SPIRITUAL FREQUENCIES.

Unfortunately, as this new consciousness emerges, the "shadow" of the old continues to rise in resistance. The fear within humans, the greed of the super-rich, the drive for power among corrupt politicians, and the violence that criss-crosses the globe are all evidence of this growing shadow. It's why there is so much anger and suffering.

As the Darkness of human nature puts up a fight against the Light, those of us here to do good are facing many challenges - challenges that cannot be overcome by the old system. The good news is that if you are reading this my friend, it means you are one of the very special Souls on this planet who are here to help!

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