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It’s Celebration Time !!!

This morning I woke up feeling very emotional, crying, feeling a deep connection energetically to the “Souls of Black Folks” as I thought of this day June 19, 1865. I imagined the enslaved ancestors upon hearing that the day they had hoped for, suffered for, endured insurmountable injustice and human degradation had finally come. Can you imagine the first person who brought the news back to the plantation to say what she or he had heard. I imagined some fell to the ground on their knees to thank god, some cried and moaned, some hugged a tree, some ran to the river to wash their tears, some called out the names of their dead loved ones, some asked their slave master was it true, some women grabbed their lover and squeezed them, some slapped a white missy with hopes that this meant she no longer had to be abused, some set field’s afire, some just walked around numb unable to fathom this new reality, some jumped for joy and danced with their kinfolks, some lost their bodily fluids unintentionally, many just hugged their mothers and cried out in total anguish but the majority felt the total and complete feeling of insurmountable bliss for the first time and the taste of freedom was sweeter than any honey in a beehive. My heart beams today with pride of the indomitable sprit of resilience , strength, courage and freedom. Today I ask myself “What does it means to be free”

Fast forward us today as people are protesting, demonstrating, burning, looting, organizing, strategizing to bring action in different realms of influence that will changed the policies we are now living under systematized racism. When we see racial inequality we see racism and we cannot move forward by denying the policies that created it. As we move forward on this well earned and deserved right of FREEDOM from injustice we salute and celebrate our ancestral legacy.

Today I am dwelling in possibility, trusting myself moving beyond the familiar, staying open, being optimistic as I watch miracles unfold for us all

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