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In praise of your head/Ori

Thursday Ritual/Ceremony to Obatala

A very powerful ritual to assist decision-making, conflict resolution and to heighten self-awareness.

Get 8 dinner rolls or 8 slices of bread, 8 green apples or 8 pears, 1 bowl of water, 2 small white candles, one yard of white cloth, and 4 coconuts. Take all of this to a hill or mountain; spread the white cloth on the ground on the highest point on the hill. Put the articles on top of this as if you were having a picnic with yourself (light the candles), sit down, pray to your head, address your head as if you were talking to someone else. Meditate and ask for wisdom Example, "My dear ever loving, brilliant, balanced head/Ori. Today I come with these articles (name them) to offer to you as a thanksgiving for always guiding me to correct decisions and right actions. I honor you, thank you, and am committed to always recognize your power." Then you may state the purpose for this ritual.

When concluded, leave everything tied up into the cloth as a bundle and leave it on the hill. Do not visit that location for a long time (at least 2-3 months). This will allow the ritual to continue to take effect and go back into the Universe.

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Published by: IIASK Inc. Copyright 2004 2nd edition

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