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I am back from El santuario in Costa Rica

I am ....”Heading to my next destination”

Costa Rica was beautiful as it always is. Didn’t get to visit my friends in Limon, nonetheless this trip was a restful, spiritually elevating, relaxing and , renewing experience at the Self Love Holliday with @oyabunmi You are a brilliant ever evolving strong graceful inspiring, knowledgeable, wise Yoga master and workshop facilitator . I came away with invaluable tools to walk a new way in my new life on this New Moon cycle. Thanks for the gift of adding “self enquiry “to my new set of tools for self evolution and empowerment. If you are a trainer, coach, spiritual teacher, or just someone who is on a path of self-evolution, self-discovery and inner peace; then set some time to in-joy and be in a 5 day safe, self supporting space filled with the sound of birds, animals, rivers, waterfall as you step into your “renewed self” Going deep to revisit forgotten gifts/ treasures or patterns doesn’t have to be scary or uncomfortable. If you are ready to open your heart to new divine partnering or making a deeper connection to an already existing romantic relationship then I lovingly encourage you to like Ibuaiye Our mother’s Facebook page or drop @oyabunmi or @yeyefini_ a note. Pura Vida “ Puré Life. Thanks Costa Rica.... see you again soon ❤️


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