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How to perform Ebori on yourself

Monday, Lunes, New Work Week.

This is a wonderful ceremony to perform on YOUR Ori/ head during times when you are seeking peace, distress or find clarity ( Especially during the Retrograde ❤️)

If you find this useful please feel free to perform this spiritual service for yourself. Please do not perform this ritual on anyone else unless you are a priest and have the grounding power to share your personal ase with others without debilitating your own spiritual energy.

I have used and shared this ceremony with many of my clients.

Self Head feeding/Ebori

How to do your own head feeding /ebori

The ebo leri is a ritual for feeding or making an offering to the head. The objective of the ebo leri is the charge or recharge the human aura by feeding the crown of the head and other energy flow centers of the body. This ebo is typically done by a priest. Doing the ebo leri/head feeding on oneself is a challenge so be patient with this process. The ingredients used possess enough energy to penetrate or feed the body at energetically exhausted or spiritual weak areas.


finely grated coconut about one half hand full

coco butter or shea butter about one fourth teaspoonful

cool water just a few sprinkles

efun (sacred white chalk) 1 half cake

cotton one hand full approx..

white cloth 1 yard

2 white plates


2 white candles

small brown paper bag, lunch bag size or larger if small not available

stool or chair or you may sit on the floor

what to wear: white clothes. Sleeveless shirt. Must have access to your knees.

Steps in the process:

1. Mix grated coconut, coco butter, efun on a white plate.

2. Set up obi with water on a white plate.

3. Pour libation and invoke Obatala

4. hold the plate of condiments to your head and pray

5. touch all the vital points on the body with water: crown of the head , back of the neck, the third eye, left & right temples, back of the throat, shoulders, the inside elbow joints, both palms, both knees, each big toe

6. Next place a large pinch of the coconut mixture on you head followed by cotton, then tie it on with the white cloth.

7. Next place some of the coconut mixture on each point & cover with cotton

8. Sit and meditate for a few moments.

9. Throw obi/coconut to ask the spirit of Obatala if everything is satisfactory. If so remove the mixture from your body, except for your head, hold it in your hand, rub and make a wish then drop if onto the plate.

10. Place all the mixture in a brown paper bag.

11. Next ask where to dispose of the ebo leri. First ask the trash, then dumpster, foot of a tree…

22. Instructions after.

• put plates by the bedside.

• Light the 2 candles

• add a glassgourde of water.

• Dispose of the next day to place prescribed before noon the next day.

• Avoid excess sunlight the next day because the head is open.

• Don’t get wet in the rain the next day.

• No alcohol, caffeine or other stimulants the next day.

• No sex that night


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