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Hope in Uncertain times. Please Send the young people healing energy

Sunday, Domingo the end of the month of May 5/31/2020=13=4, energy of foundation, building, hope. As we bend our knees, pray, attend to sacred spaces, bless our heads, bathe in herbs, anoint with oil, sing, cry, shout out or sit in silence as a way to connect to the divine within .... remember to honor and connect to your ancestors deeds, struggles, accomplishments, hopes, and dreams for a better world than they experienced. Today as we witness the young people of all ages , sexes,  races and creeds take to the streets in protest it makes me remember when I was their age making moves, sacrifices and using my voice to change what I found to be unjust, hateful, ignorant , unconstitutional and immoral. The world has always watched the USA for clues as to what democracy has the potential to be., and here is another opportunity to do so. We are on full blast around the world right now and so I know that the world as we know it has changed. The young people are making the changes needed for us to once again change or history. I grew up in the 1960, marched, protested, demonstrated, witnessed cruelty and inhuman behavior towards me and many others....but you know what ... today those sacrifices gave us the changes and the freedoms we are now living. I guess it’s time for the young people to stand their ground of HOPE, Justice and evolution of the “no longer aplicable reality of the past” Let send these young people healing energy, pray at our shrines and keep them safe.... Someone did it for me and that’s why I can still witness this day of hope.

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