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Honoring your Ori/Brain/Divine Consciousness

In gratitude and honoring of your Ori/Brain/Head/Divine Consciousness here is a ceremony tha can be added to the success of you and your family. This is a good ceremony to add to your children’s back to school preparedness.

Ceremony /prayer on how to shift and allow your divine wisdom, intuition and “common sense”to be exalted in you by energetically shifting brain waves and frequency through ancient wisdom practice.

Take a brown hard coconut (available in most grocery stores) paint it white by using yam flour, cornstarch or white chalk (pray throughout the process). Hold the coconut up above your head as you ask the Creator to bless and empower it and to allow the coconut to be a vehicle for changing your thought, perception, ideas, and concepts which may be blocking you from clarity, abundance and mental strength. Place the coconut on the top of your head and pray. Continue the prayers and affirmations while rolling the coconut in a clockwise direction around your head, face, back of neck, and front of neck. Continue this process for about 3-5 minutes and when all of your wishes and desires have been expressed, put the coconut in a bag and take it immediately to a crossroad, remove it from the bag and break it by throwing it hard against the pavement, saying. "As I break this coconut, I break negative and oppressive thoughts, ideas and perceptions, allowing clarity, peace, success, and abundance to flow to me." Leave the coconut there, walk away and do not look back, knowing, expecting, and accepting your new reality.

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Published by: IIASK Inc. Copyright 2004 2nd edition

All rights reserved, including the right of reproduction in whole or in part

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