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Honoring Yemonja As a way for psychological healing

Updated: Jul 1

July 5th, 2020........4:00 pacific -7:00 PM EST

The month of July we’ll honor Yemoja the Orisa/Divine essence of Motherhood, nurturing, resilience, calm, serenity, compassion, healing past hurts as we seek to connect to our humanity, seek the loving arms and support of our divine provider Yemonja and Olokun

Just as the ocean’s vastness is immeasurable so is Yemoja and Olokun depth of love for us. Her colors are all shades of blue and crystals. She is know by various names, such as Auset, Mammy Wata, Olokun, Maat, Isis, Madre de Agua, Mary mother of Jesus, Yemaya, Yemonja,Yemoja and many other expressions of the mother of indulgence.

Yemoja and Olokun are our ever flowing vibratory Universal mothers who provide community, support and empowerment through their daughters who are our midwives, mothers, favorite aunties

My guest on this episode of Ask Yeyefini Show is Dawn Bower who will be taking us through a Neurolinguistic Programming process that will allow you to easily and effortlessly heighten your own mothering and nurturing abilities to change the effects of challenging events in your past and make better choices in the future. Come ready to make some powerful shifts!








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