• Yeyefini


As families come together to eat drink and be merry , let's take this opportunity to really talk and listen to each other, especially the young people. Young people today have more pressures in their life than ever before. Many are judged by the way they speak, the clothes they wear, the music they listen to, and we sometimes miss the real hurting, tired, confused, sad person who looks and acts as if they have it all together and under control.

Ask a young person during this holiday season

“ How do you feel” ...and then just listen... you may learn something new.

The young people are our future caregiver, nurses, drivers, companions, emotional support that we may have to rely on as we get older. This is a great opportunity to be the change you want to see by looking through the eyes of a young adult.

Let’s also take this opportunity to open our hearts, tables and appetites to unconditionally love, forgive, heal some of the issues we pass on to the children. .... Just a thought!!!


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