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Here is an Oya ritual to restore balance and harmony, when the life force within is disrupted

Thursday, Jueves, Ogun, Osossi, Orisa Oko day.

This weekend my temple in Florida will be honoring Oya as we complete our Oya cycle.

Here is an Oya ritual to restore balance and harmony.

When the life force within is disrupted by shock, emotional trauma. Star of Bethlehem essence can realign one's divine nature so that balance and harmony can be restored. A combination of Star of Bethlehem and chicory is beneficial at times, when high hopes have been dashed, including romantic disappointment, losing a sports competition or being denied a much needed raise. Water in combination with herbs and intentions/ prayer is a quick and easy way to rebalancing our spirits mind and bodies.

Take Star of Bethlehem flower essence and honeysuckle essence, place in your bath and bathe as described above, visualizing success, and overcoming the feeling of persistent sadness and grief. Also you can use this for shock and insomnia. This will restore trust and faith in the future.

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