• Yeyefini

Habari Gani

As we pour libation, meditate, attend to shrines, gather with friends, come together with family to dance, sing on this first day of Kwanza, New moon and Sun in Capricorn (Babaluaiye) give yourself permission to connect to your divine self and be free to celebrate the unity of self, family, friends and community

The new moon in Capricorn is also going to fill you up with some serious optimism. "There’s a huge feeling of expanding possibilities and hope, and a sense that you can accomplish your dreams.

Feeling grounded and centered through meditation, relaxation, doing something childlike and free is a good way of clearing your chakra of any symptoms of stagnant energy.

Put on your festive clothes and find someone to just hang out with today.

The New Moon is sending all kinds of do-gooder energy your way.Take a sec to actually think about what positive changes you can bring about.

Go ahead and soak up the sweet vibes of the new moon in Capricorn—and pay it forward.

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