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Gratitude 🙏🏾 God is Nature !!

Wednesday, Miércoles, rising FULL MOON, hump day, back to school day for many students. As we prepare for the end of summer, let’s go outside at night and enjoy Mother Nature. Today go sit on the grass in the park, backyard, garden, or just sit on a bench. Look at the leaves on the trees or the bushes and give them thanks for providing us loving oxygen. Thank it for seeing us

walk past them without noticing- ignoring them and even allowing our dog to pee on them.

Find a large tree, go up to it, introduce yourself and hug it. Lean on it, ask a favor of it, embrace it and thank it. Soon the leaves will change,

fall off and seem lifeless. But the spirit of the tree will remember you.

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Excerpt from:

"Meaningful Mondays"


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