• Yeyefini

Gratitude and Grace

Sunday, Domingo, Ose Osun, Ifa,Egbe and 3/3/2019=18=9 day energy of completion, gratitude and grace. Today as we bend our knees, pour libations, meditate, sing, chant, dance, anoint with oil, read sacred text, sit with others or just sit alone in gratitude sipping freshly made veggie juice as a way to connect to nature and the divine within; Remember to make grace the active center of your life here and now.

The source of grace already resides within our own awareness. We don’t need to go anywhere or search anywhere to find it, we only need to change our perception of what is already around us.

Juice of the day: Carrot, spinach, kale, turmeric, ginger.

Affirmation of the day “Let gratitude be the pillow upon which you kneel to say your nightly prayer.” ― Maya Angelou





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