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Go within, Seclusion and Celebration

Ok folks.......I got dressed up yesterday and went shopping for a few things to add to my shine as I redecorate my home and myself

It’s interesting and earth-shifting when we shift our awareness about life ...how life start shifting for us

I am, like many others feeling the effects and reality of the isolation of the “ Universal Time-Out “ Sanctuary and “Seclusion”

What has brought me some calm and rationality was to see the possibility of this time in seclusion being of a longer duration. I am using with gratitude this next 6 months to be a time for

1) Self Honoring (Selfishly)

2) Saying Yes!! to Me

3) Focused on Selfish Self Reflection

4) Unapologetic Self acknowledgement

5) Feeling, Behaving and Acting from places unknown to me before

Cause what I know for sure is

“ A better me is better for you and me “

“You gotta love yourself enough to be yourself by yourself


Have a lovely weekend my friends/lovers/amigos/tribe/vibe






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