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Full moon prayer

Feel this beautiful powerful moon bathing and soothing our pain, sorrow, fear like a healing balm of love tonight

On this Supper Full Moon May all that you aspire for .... Be brilliant

See our delicate planet, suspended like a jewel in the velvet blackness of space. Her white clouds, blue waters, and green continents…… Imagine her fiery core, majestic mountains, plants, and animals……a living, breathing being of light.

“May there be peace on earth. May the hearts of all beings be open to one another. May all life reach its fullest potential. May all life reflect the glory of the light.”

Once again, feel yourself surrounded, enfolded and illuminated by the circle of light……If there is anything in your heart that you need to say to God, do so now……

Dear One, Father/Mother of All, thank you for the gift of life. Ase, Amen and so it is

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