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Full moon Fillem up and solstice Juice detox 12/12/2019

Get your white candles ready, pour libation, hold a bowl of milk up to the moon and state your gratitude prayer to the moon for the wonderful life you’ve had for the past decade. Light the candle and place it next to the bowl of milk. Proceed to open up your pocketbooks, purses, wallets or suitcases up tho the moon and say Fillem up, Fillem up, Fillem up....for financial abundance

Welcome to the last month of the year, last full moon and the last month of the decade!

Great time to set new boundaries or break away from anything that feels restricting or limiting.

Under this energy, we are all being asked to climb higher while keeping our balance. We are being asked to challenge ourselves by extending further and accelerating higher. We have to stretch our normal limits, for that’s the only way we will grow.

These endeavors are all going to be favored in 2020, so perhaps throughout the month, we can really start to set some intentions on what we desire to build in 2020, not just for ourselves but for all of humanity.

This is a more challenging Full Moon and will be highlighting where we have not faced the truth, especially in our relationships and finances.

However, we have to keep in mind that this is the last Full Moon before Eclipse Season begins, which means this our last opportunity to really own up to the truth of what we see and feel, and take responsibility for it.

What truth do we need to confront in our relationships? What truth do we need to confront in our finances?

The Full Moon will guide us to answer these questions and help support us as we take the new steps to our imagination

Watch what happens on the world stage around this time as we may see the crumbling of things that are no longer going to support us in this new decade to come.

Use its energy to accelerate your spiritual growth and to set an intention for the year ahead.

Trust that whatever has dropped away from your life has no room for you in 2020. Trust that whatever has come into your life is there to help propel you in 2020.

2020 is a huge transition and turning point. It is a time where we are leveling up and experiencing a higher frequency of energies


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